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Massage & Birth Services


It takes a village to raise a baby! It also takes a village to support parents to be while trying to conceive, through pregnancy and the postpartum period. Below are a list of my favorite helping hands in the birthing community.


Most I have used myself and others I have witnessed the wonderful services each can provide parents, babies and families during this precious time. Keep in mind, they have all been vetted or they wouldn’t make my list!

Early Gender determination and expert 2D, 3D/4D & HD Ultrasound services:

First Glimpse Ultrasound

Facebook Groups

Family and Herbal Medicine

Amy and Abby


My Birth Photographers:

Brezi Merryman

My Chiropractors:

Dr. John Davis, Dr. Lauren Johnson

My IBCLC Lactation Consultants:

My Prenatal & Newborn Photographers:

My Primary Backups:

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