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“I had no idea what a Doula was or that I would need one. Our birthing center required that we had one to deliver there and Dear God, I am so glad that they did! My husband and I met Jess and immediately knew that we had a connection. Jess explained that she would be our coach and source of information through out my pregnancy. (We had no idea what we were doing until we spoke to Jess. Looking back, I was clueless about what I was up against!)


Jess was an invaluable source of support and information. She was caring and thoughtful and anticipated our needs and questions before we had them. The day that I went into labor, she was ready and packed for our adventure. She arrived at our home and was so patient with the process. She calmed our fears and walked us through every step. Jess read the situation so well. She was bold and firm with direction when I needed it and kind and comforting too. We honestly couldn’t have made it through the long labor without her.

Jess and I bonded so much over the time that she was our Doula. Our friendship is one that will never fade. I not only have someone to call for every pregnancy (because I will always have Jess as my Doula) but I have a lifelong friend as well. She’s one special lady and someone that I feel so fortunate to have in my life!”

- Cassie

“Her support and knowledge were unparalleled. Our experience bringing our son into the world was different than what we hoped for but having Jessica to lean on made all the difference between a experience that wasn’t expected but still wonderful; than one that was not good.”

- A.

“My partner and I are beyond grateful for the wonderful experience we had with our Doula Jessica. She provided us with guidance, knowledge and genuine personal care. She may be petite but she is a pillar of strength and knowledge. Her calming personality and light is just what we needed in our lives to welcome our sweet little one into the world.”

- J.

“It was so wonderful to have Jess as our Doula. She definitely has a passion for birth and helping parents through labor. She was a great support prior to our labor, meeting with my husband and I. She answered any and all the questions we had. She is so knowledgeable in many different aspects of birth and was very responsive to texts/calls. She was great support during labor and brought comfort and ease to my husband and myself. She stood by us in all the decisions we made and brought us the extra support we needed. I would highly recommend Jessica, she is wonderful!”

- Brittany

“Jessica was our Doula and she is amazing. Professional, checking in all the time, majorly reduced our anxiety as first time parents through her calming presence and her knowledge base. She helped us out so much at our house by suggesting different positions in labor and guiding us through the process. So happy to have her with us at the hospital; I’ll never forget how she held my hand as I was laying down having my cesarean. She also was able to take pictures that I would never have had the opportunity to have if she wasn’t there. We absolutely adore her and highly recommend her as a Doula, she is an amazing person!”

- L.

“When I was in labor and working through contractions, Jessica offered kind reminders of what I was capable of and what I wanted out of this birth. She was a coach, helping my husband and I work together. He was my rock through it all and her coaching contributed significantly. I can’t express enough how glad I am for the connection my husband and I had working together through this time. This is something Jessica communicated to us from the beginning- she was there to support the two of us...When our little girl was born, Jessica stayed with us for awhile until we were settled, even though she had been up all night with us. She also texted to check in on us leading up until our postpartum visit, which we had after we were settled in at home. I felt incredibly supported and taken care of by Jessica and can’t recommend her enough. We are so glad we had Jessica as part of our birth team.”

- M.

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